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July 24, 2012
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DEATH THE KID LEMON! NOTE, this isn't for younger eyes, but it is yummy now then, on to the story!!!!!!!!


"Hoof am I exhausted." You mumble as you drop your bag at your door to fetch the keys to your house, you just moved to this new town and are about to enroll at DWMA as a meister, thankfully since the keshin incident DWMA installed some townhouses extremely close to the academy, only a block's walk. You fix your perfectly symmetrical (h/c) hair and let it fall from your headband as you fumble around in your pocket with your headband in your mouth.

"I think you dropped these miss." You hear someone say as you slowly turn around both from fear and exhaustion, but it is only a boy about your age with white strips one one side if his hair and a suit that was perfectly even, he must have noticed you looking at how symmetrical his suit was because he politely coughed and dangled your keys making you focus back on his eyes. "Mmmf, of yeaf forry." You take the headband out of your moth and talk normally. "I must have tripped them when that weird kid boasting about himself bumped into me." You giggle nicely and reach forward for your keys, but he snatches them back, making your arm pull slightly towards him. "Yes I must apologize for black star, he does get quiet annoying." He pulls your keys towards him a bit more before you clear your throat and fully take them back. "Well... thanks for giving me my keys back." You turn from him towards your door, fumbling to get a hold of both your bags and unlock the door, your gracefulness doesn't pay off in your mind. After what seems like hours you finally get the door open and you start lugging your fist bag in and you finally get a decent look of your townhouse, to your left is a set of stairs that lead to the next floor and to your right you can see the living room and the kitchen. Taking a look behind you, you are surprised to see the boy still standing there staring at you with his yellow eyes. You quickly nod and start lugging the heavy bag up the stairs with the door still open, you get upstairs with your bag and start hauling it to the first door, only to see it is a bathroom, thankfully the next door was your room, you throw your bag n your bed and sit on the floor famished since the bag weighed twice your weight. "You know, you really should have packed lighter." You hear someone say as you leap up in fright, only to see the boy with the rest of your bags, 'WHA, HOW THE HELL CAN HE LIFT SO MUCH HE LOOKS SCRAWNY!' Runs through your mind as you move aside so that he can set your bags down. "You also shouldn't leave the door wide open." 'OH CRAP!' You think as you rush downstairs to close your door, only to see it is already closed. "Oh this guy is sooo smooth." You fume to yourself as you walk upstairs and into your room, it took a few seconds to notice your bags where gone and in there place the boy was sitting in a meditative position just staring at me like I am a freak. "They are in your closet, figured you don't want to tackle unpacking yet." You mumble a faint "Thanks." As you sit beside him and take a deep breath before flopping backwards relaxing.

Everything was quiet for a few seconds until you heard rustling like fabric and a poke on your cheek. "I haven't asked you name yet." You open your eyes and see him looking at you, his nose almost to yours. "Umm, I am _________, and you are?" He smiles as if this was funny before realizing you really didn't know him. "My name is Death the Kid." You smile and hold out your hand to him. "Nice to meet you Death." He takes your hand and kisses it, making crimson pecker at your cheeks slightly before slowly shaking your hand away from his embrace. "What is the matter? Can't handle a friendly kiss from a shinigami?" 'WHAT?!' You think to yourself. 'Oh great, I piss this guy off I am dead!' He must have read the thought through your eyes as he suddenly looked away. "I may be a death god and son of a god of death but that doesn't mean I kill for fun, in fact I do know how to love as well." The last part took you by surprise as his voice, body posture and emotion changed into something you couldn't name. A cold wind blows past your face forcing your eyes to close as you hear more cloth moving together and sudden pressure on your wrists. You force your eyes open to see Death laying over top of you with his hands on your wrists and his legs in a way that you can't move yours. "G... get off of me please Death." You mumble as you try to squirm out from his grasp, but he is stronger than you and keeps you there. He releases your arms and starts to take his cloths off with impressive speed, as if he has done this type of ting before, he must have read the though in your eyes for he stopped and stared at you as if you said something brilliant. "Even though Blair is always hitting on me and Soul I can assure you I am new at this." 'What the hell? He can read my thoughts?' Death laughed in a very sexy way, "I can read your eyes, your the only person I can read though, which means there is something about you that is special, and I wish to experience it."

He removes his pants leaving only his skull boxers on before using one hand to hold your arms before taking your jeans off. When he finishes with that he got up to fold both his cloths and yours. 'This is my chance!' You think to yourself as you bolt for the door, but right before you could even reach it the door suddenly closed on your face, making you recoil in slight pain from meeting the door had on. You sit on the ground rubbing a baby goose egg not noticing Death's smirk on his face, "That wasn't smart of you." He said as he put pressure on your shoulders, making you lean back onto his lap for he sat down behind you. His lap feels surprisingly comfy as he rests your head right above his knees, he gently moves your hands and leans forward and kisses your head where you got hit and slowly kisses down from your forehead to your lips, but once he reached your lips he seemed to have faltered like he was having second thoughts, you open your eyes and notice Death looking right at you, no, through you. His yellow eyes seemed to be reading every part of you, digging right into your (e/c) eyes. A few moments passed where you both where just looking in each others eyes before Death smirked sexily and leaned down and kissed you in a way that gave you goosebumps, this kiss felt so nice, it wasn't to passionate or too rough. Death moved his left hand to your neck and slid it down your shirt, playing with your cleavage and making crimson touch your cheeks, then something in Death snapped.

He tore your shirt off leaving you only in your black bra and underwear, Death stopped kissing you and once again looked into your eyes, making his left hand slide down your belly until the tip of his fingers was under the brim of your underwear. "________, I see something in you that I have never seen before, and I wish to experience it." He quickly slides his hand under your underwear the rest of the way, sliding 2 fingers into your hot untainted core, making you gasp and blush even more. Death kept staring at you even as your face twisted in both slight pain from the new feeling and pleasure, it was as if you where an experiment. "_______, please honor me in letting me have some fun." He re-positioned himself in a way so that he was right over top of you, cradling your head with his other arm, but while he moved he kept his fingers in, still giving you little feelings of pleasure. He leaned against you and gently set your head on the carpet floor, undoing your bra and sliding it off. He took his fingers out and slid your underwear off, leaving you nude, blushing on the carpet, before himself taking his own underwear off. He kissed you again but this time with a bit more passion before moving down to your breasts and licking, kissing and sucking on them, basically forcing more crimson into your cheeks as he inserted himself into you making you cry out a bit. He started to thrust a bit before picking you up and putting you on the bed before continuing, making you claw the bed in.

"Didn't expect you to never have had this done to you before." He whispered as he kept thrusting in a rhythm of 8 beats. "I... I." He never let you finish your sentence as he kissed you again a bit more vigorously, a few moments passed and he pulled from you and nipped your neck gently, then moved to the other side and nipped again, making you moan with pleasure before you felt a wave of warmth emerge in our stomach.

He pulled out and played with your breasts while laying beside you on the bed, while you just stayed there, recovering from what he had done. "_______." You looked at him and saw something new in his eyes, something, familiar. "______, please don't hate me for what I did, cause I would like to do that again." He got up and got dressed, he kept glancing at your small panting body before walking back to you and kissing you before he handed you your cloths. "Come on, let me help you unpack." You smile gratefully and grab you cloths and got dressed, making sure your hair was even afterwords. "Well Death, you know you don't have to help me unpack." He grabs your hand and kisses it, bringing back some of the crimson that hasn't left your cheeks yet. "I know, but I am  just that much of a gentleman." He smiled sexily before turning to your closet and hands you a bag. "Oh by the way, welcome to the DWMA." Maybe being far from home won't be so bad after all.

Editors note: AUGH this took too long to finish.
OMFG This took all day to type, :iconsexykidplz: But it was worth it.
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So much for getting to know people and now I am about to die from massive blood lost Shinka Surprised Icon 
sugilita Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2014
CrystiSeeris2 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Could you have at least had them as friends first? Put some time in? Cuz you don't just meet someone and fuck. That's not how the world works. We are not animals. Yes you have fine technique in your writing skills but for god's sake try making a timeline please.
BanetteLover13 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
Yea, cause that's TOTALLY how you greet someone. MUST NOT GET DIRTY THOUGHTS!!!!!!!!
sugarplum10001 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
We just met.
Let's fuck.
Welcome to the DWMA.
HetaliaFerua Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well that escalated quickly
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Best Welcome gift ever..
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If only that happened IRL eh? haha
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Kid: hey baby whatya reading?
Me:*quickly turns off phone* oh nothing ha you just textin friends
Kid:* grabs my phone and reads lemon* Damnnnnnn that was sexy *smirks* U want my sexy body
Me: just get ur Dick inside me alreadyTight Hug ;) (Wink) 
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